Roof, loft, cavity wall and underfloor ventilation

Soffit, fascia, eave and cavity ventilation,
access panels, airbricks and chimney pots


  • Roof, loft and underfloor ventilation
  • Soffit vents, fascia vents, eave vents
  • access panels, airbricks, fire bricks

From floor to ceiling, from underfloor airbricks to chimney pots, Parker Building Supplies offer a one-stop source of ventilation products for commercial and domestic applications.

Regardless of whether the suspended floor is beam and block, or traditional timber joist and floorboard construction, underfloor ventilation is essential in any new build or refurbishment. Our range of Timloc airbrick, telescopic underfloor vents and extension piece accessories offer ideal, robust and convenient solutions for providing natural ventilation into underfloor voids.

We also supply cavity vents and cavity wall weep vents, ventilator strips, lintel stopends, and through-wall ventilation for external walls, particularly essential where heat-producing appliances, such as a central heating boilers or gas fires are installed.

Access Panels are designed to fit into jointless plasterered and plasterboarded walls, partitions and suspended ceilings where access to mechanical and electrical services is required.

Our roof and loft ventilation solutions include soffit vents, fascia vents, eave vents and Redbank flue liners and chimney pots in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours.

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