Plasterboards and
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100% recyclable plasterboards, frame, fix and finish
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  • Plasterboard, frame, fix and finish
  • Base Board, Contour Board
  • 100% recyclable, non-hazardous,

Parker Building Supplies offers plasterboard products that are 100% recyclable, non-hazardous, and have a relatively low level of embedded carbon. These plasterboard products improve the sustainability of buildings by increasing their energy efficiency through excellent insulation, acoustic performance, durability, and fire resistance. These are important elements under both the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM rating schemes. Most of our plasterboard systems are rated A or A+ in the BRE Green Guide because of their low environmental impact.

Our plasterboard and drywall products have been developed to achieve the top levels of fire and sound performance. The range that we offer includes adhesives, base and contour board, lath and plank, along with specialist plasterboards including GTEC Aqua Board, Render Board, La Dura and Pregybel, and the top of the range GTEC Performance Plasterboards.

GTEC Systems are built from four key component groups: plasterboard, frame, fix and finish. These create a full GTEC Drywall solution.

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