Bead and mesh, metalwork
and inspection covers

A wide selection of masonry reinforcement,
bead, mesh, ties and other metalwork


  • Bead and mesh, wall and frame ties
  • Arch formers, joist hangers
  • Inspection hole covers, grids and keys

Parker Building Supplies stocks a wide selection of metalwork for a variety of building purposes. These include beads and mesh for plastering, joist hangers for general building requirements, straps, restraints, angles and brackets for where situations where extra strength is required, various fixings and connectors and plates to secure girders, trusses and rafters to wall plates.

We supply the Expamet range of plastering accessories, which includes metal bead and mesh for plastering applications such as forming corners, edges, and to provide extra strength. The range also includes PVCu bead, arches, lathing and accessories.

Our stainless steel building products includes wall ties, fixings, connectors, couplers and continuity systems for the support and restraint of masonry. Our brick reinforcing mesh is mainly used to resist cracking under and over wall openings, and helps to resist tensile stress brought about by resettlement.

We also supply the complete Clark-Drain lightweight recessed T-range inspection hole covers and frames and gratings. These are suitable for both internal and external applications, and feature integral lifting keys to enable the cover to be easily lifted and removed for maintenance purposes.

Our trained staff will be pleased to advise you what product would be most suited to your project.

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