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Parker Building Supplies Farming and Agriculture division offers a large range of products and services specifically aimed at the agribusiness and rural communities.

We supply everything from simple maintenance products such as ironmongery, tools and fixings, locks, safety clothing and boots, through to complete construction supplies for agricultural buildings. Our range will enable you to refurbish, extend, convert or build your development to the highest standards. We supply professionally designed sliding doors, stairs, guttering, feed barriers and grids, along with posts and rails, gates and windows.

Our rainwater harvesting systems are used both commercially and domestically, for toilet flushing, washing machines, and garden and plant irrigation. Rainwater is collected from the roof and then heavily filtered. UK homes using rainwater harvesting systems can reduce their mains water usage by around 50%.

We supply cesspools to act as a solution for locations without mains drainage where the discharge of treated effluent is not permissible, and where it is not practical to use a septic tank or packaged sewage treatment plant.

As building supply specialists, our range of aggregates, bricks, blocks, and paving is unsurpassed.

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