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Parkers Building Supplies is committed to protecting the environment, and we have several key policies to demonstrate that commitment. We also provide a wide range of sustainable building products that will assist you in developing an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

Environmental products that we supply include rainwater recycling systems from Joosten; the Continental range of water-warmed underfloor heating, which offers significant reductions in energy requirements for space heating; Navitron solar panels that generate both hot water and electricity; and many recycled products that help preserve our natural resources. We also supply an extensive range of insulation products that improve the energy efficiency of a building.

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We also practise what we preach, and we have a number of policies on key issues such as energy conservation, waste management, transport, water usage, and pollution.

Throughout our buildings and depots, we use energy efficient light bulbs with intelligent control systems that switch the bulbs on only when they detect body heat. This cuts down on electricity usage.

We recycle intensively, believing that what many call rubbish can in fact be useful. We recycle toner cartridges and engine oil, wood chips can be used in construction boards, crushed glass can sometimes be used as sand, some plastic bottles can be spun into fibres to make fleece and other weather-protective clothing, and some waste plastic sheeting can be reused in fencing and bench seat construction.

We strive to reduce transport carbon emissions through the use of intelligent logistics to minimise travel distance, investing in Euro IV and V engines which have low CO2 emissions, and small details such as never leaving engines running unnecessarily.

Our support for environmentally-friendly measures such as rainwater harvesting, installation of mineral wool and foam insulation, sustainable drainage systems, and tubular daylighting systems, among others, is unsurpassed, and you can see our efforts being put into practise in any of our buildings.

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