Drainage and guttering,
soil and waste systems

Surface, underground, flat roof, and channel drainage,
soil and waste systems



Parker Building Supplies has a wide choice of high quality products in a variety of materials for surface and underground drainage systems. We offer a large choice of Hunter, Clark-Drain, ACO, Marley, and Plasson drainage, inspection covers, guttering and septic tank sewage systems.

We can support both domestic and high capacity requirements, with a range that covers flat roof drainage, surface and underground drainage, and soil and waste systems. We also have a large range of ancillary products and accessories available, such as above-ground gutter and pipework, plastic ring or metal inspection chambers and covers for pedestrian and heavy duty use, and septic tank sewerage systems.

We supply ACO and Clark-Drain high-strength, high-quality channel and linear drainage with galvanised steel gratings, designed for use in domestic and light duty applications. We have a wide selection of Hunter and Clark-Drain plastic ring or metal inspection covers for all uses, and we can supply plastic below-ground drainage, as well as many guttering products.

Parker Building Supplies can also provide line and channel drain products, with ACO and Clark-Drain systems proving to be particularly popular. Our Marley range of underground drainage, guttering, pipes and fittings for all uses, and roof/balcony outlets are also popular.

Our accessories include all the products you will need to clean, repair, test, clear and refurbish any drainage system.

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