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Parker Building Supplies has large stocks of high quality blocks that are versatile and adaptable enough for use in foundations, ground floor, beam and block floors, cavity walls, solid walls, and roofs.

Our range includes lightweight aerated blocks which provide excellent thermal insulation, dense blocks that offer good sound insulation to help meet Building Regulations, plus a range of lightweight and dense aggregate blocks. All of our blocks have low thermal conductivity and good acoustic performance.

We offer lightweight solar blocks, which are principally used where enhanced thermal performance is required. Solar grade blocks are suitably loadbearing for 2-storey buildings.

Our Hemelite blocks are very versatile, and can be used in standard wall applications both above and below ground. They provide a strong background, making them ideal to receive plaster finishes, and are particularly suited for use where a rendered outer leaf is proposed.

We supply foundation block, for use in below ground applications. These have: enhanced thermal performance, reducing heat loss from ground floors; frost resistance; they are lightweight, with around one third of the weight of a dense aggregate block; and they enable rapid construction.

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