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Parkers’ Hassocks branch links up with
modular building developers


In what could be one of our most enterprising supply partnerships, Parker Building Supplies have linked up with Futureform, the modular building specialists, at their new base in Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex.

Futureform claim that this new state-of-the-art volumetric modular manufacturing facility is capable of creating over 1,000 new homes a year, capitalising on initiatives announced in the Government’s recent Housing White Paper, in the process helping to solve the housing crisis in the UK.

Mike Burton-Durham, Sales Representative at our Hassocks branch, has committed to working closely with Futureform to provide our customary first class service and competitive prices on a wide range of products including the chipboard flooring, sterling board for the ceilings, Knauf Insulation, in-frame door sets, not forgetting all the ironmongery. With so many new homes plus multiple student accommodation units in production that calls for a large supply of hinges, handles and door numbers!

Below: Futureform’s modular housing schemes are constructed off-site in the factory and assembled on-site with the option to extend and modify at a later stage


Working across London and the South East, Futureform has been building modular homes for over 10 years and to date completed many projects including mixed residential developments, student accommodation, retirement homes and hotels. These have all involved the volumetric modular building system which is capable of being used in projects of over twenty stories in height.

This has proved to be a boon for providers of student accommodation and Parkers’ first joint project is in Hockley in Nottingham where 120 units are being built in various formats up to 11 storeys high. Similar sites are planned in Glasgow, Plymouth, Norwich and Brighton.

Futureform also now offer homes under the House Beautiful Homes brand, in a partnership with House Beautiful Magazine. Customers visiting the new factory are able to pick their home just as they would a new car. They can choose from a range of different house types, with life size show homes on display.

The new factory has attracted much media attention with ITV’s South East Today and Channel 4’s Kevin McCloud, of Grand Designs fame, due to make imminent visits.

Steven Barrett, CEO and Managing Director of Futureform, said: “We think that the opening of our new facility comes at a critical point for housebuilding in the UK. We believe, as the Government clearly does, that the way forward is diversification of the housing market and we are delighted that they have announced their intention to promote more modular volumetric and factory built homes.“

Above: Futureform units being assembled in the new Shoreham factory before the frames are transported to site and completed in-situ

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